Live Life


Live life

-Enjoy this life. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy all that it provides. Enjoy all that we behold. Enjoy all. -Sometimes you have to go with the flow of life and swim with the tides no matter where they make take you. Go with it, and embrace the currents and the waves. No matter how treacherous it may seem to be once you figure out the path you are on then take control and swim to where you desire to be.

-Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, whatever the day may be who the fuck cares live each day as if it's your last, embrace it and don't wait for tomorrow for tomorrow may never come.

-Dive in without worries or conviction. Listen to your heart and all that it sings. Never allow negative forces from within or out there to hold you back or bring you down. Enjoy this life and enjoy the ride. Happy Tuesday.

Hope for Humanity

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Hope for Humanity

Humans are amazing beings capable of creating and achieving anything we imagine and desire to do. Our greatest gift and asset is life, so live it.

Among the "billions and billions of stars in the cosmos" is the pale blue dot, Earth. We are the care takers and the creators. We are the love and light. We are what ever we imagine ourselves to be.

So harness light and positive energy into whatever it is you choose to do with your life. Live it and achieve greatness. There is a vast ocean of possibilities. Dive in and enjoy this game called life and all those we meet along the way. There is a life to live. There is love to give. There is hope for humanity.

A clear home/work space = A CLEAR MIND


We live in times of consumption and excess. Our homes and work space become cluttered over time as does the mind. Everything has energy such as the objects and space around you. The way we try to avoid negative people and thoughts, the same applies to having negative space; the clutter around creates a dense vibration which can like a vampire feed off of our energy and mind. Interesting article on how clutter in the home/work space can create stress and anxiety.

Balance is Key to Success


Balance is key to success This is an interesting article about mastering Ikigai, a Japanese term "reason for being" and lifestyle that is lived to find balance with the spiritual and practical. For anyone in life seeking to find truth in themselves while also trying to balance work, life, passions, body, mind and soul this concept is a must to live

Stimulated Concentration


-Finding that quiet peaceful setting to get some work done seems ideal for the average person, but for some the chaos and the background noise can heighten their concentration.


-So why is that? Why is it that some people can concentrate better with the background noise? Is it because they are conditioned to focus better under such conditions due to a past experience, their environment or is it something more, something engrain deep within the psyche and the subconscious. There are untapped realms not only within the human body, mind and soul, but also within the nature of reality. The connection between the two seems to be magic behind why some people can concentrate with chaos and background noise.


-Everything in life is vibration and has an energetic code wired into it. In today’s word we are surrounded with technology and stuff that can be distracting to the eye and ears. We are constantly in a space which can feel suffocating due to all the material and inanimate objects around us. Not only is the space in which we lived crowded with stuff but the noise pollution seems to be even louder and consuming. This can create an energetic disorder in the space we occupy.


-Technology plays a part in this. We are connected to our cellphones, no matter what public place you walk into there is either music playing or a television is on, or sometimes both. In public spaces there are also the crowds of people and even in our work space we are not alone. Yes for some they are able to work from home or find a quiet space, but are you ever really alone and is there ever really silence.


-Some crave solitude and silence when working while for others they are able to work within the noisy environment that surrounds us. It is interesting how this can be that someone can have so much going on around them, the music playing, the news on the television playing in the background, crowds of people around talking, laughing, yelling, sirens, horns, airplanes passing by and even the sounds of nature, are no distraction to some who can get work done under such conditions.


-This is what I call stimulated concentration. I’ve witness this during the 10 plus years I’ve worked in the education system in classrooms with special needs students who have many disorders such as autism, Asperger’s, oratory sensory disorder, and many other conditions. Although some students needed silence and solitude, I’ve witnessed a lot of these children who couldn’t function within a quiet calm classroom setting. They were able to focus and get work done with either background music, white noise, or sometimes with talking from other students or teachers who were around them. Others fidgeted around with stress balls, stuffed animals or a pencil. Now this is just a small percentage of people who can work under such conditions.


-For me as a writer I am only able to focus and concentrate in café’s and public places. That background noise and distraction that comes from people, technology, and the world around seems to stimulate my mind and help me concentrate more. Maybe it’s because I need to concentrate because of all that is going on, but personally I feel that there is something more going on, something that connects a person to all happening in the space they are in.


-The nature of reality I feel plays a part in this. Knowing that everything in life is vibration, I feel that by connecting with the same frequency of all that is around you that, that is what is able to help make concentration possible. I’ve had many experiences where certain people would come into the café I am writing in and if I’m on the same wave length, and can feel good vibes, I can get lots of good writing done. There have also been many other times when I have had been distracted due to the fact that I can feel a disconnection with, who just by their presence were able to prevent me from getting any effective writing done. The vibrations and frequencies from us didn’t match and created this disorder, I like to compare this soul connection to being in the presence of someone who you adore or love and vise-versa with someone who is hateful and evil.


-There is a secret language woven into the nature of reality and because of this that is how the idea of stimulated concentration can work for some and not others. Those who can make that soul connection with the vibrations of reality all around them and connect can concentrate and get some work done, while those who do not have that connect can not concentrate.


-So embrace stimulated concentration, the little side distractions, the inanimate objects and the flow of the crowds, you never know what thoughts may fill your mind or how productive you may be able to be. For those who crave silence, and empty space all around that is ok, that’s just the way you are wired and how you are. No matter which works for you know that you must embrace whatever form of concentration you choose you use.

Embrace Day Dreaming


-The day dreaming state is a form of meditation. As the world and those around remain in the present you are off in a better place in time. It is here where magic happens and dreams become reality.


-As the years have gone by since 2001 and 2012 two pivotal years in the expansion and awakening of human consciousness the masses of people from around the world have been awakening and tapping into themselves. Mindfulness, meditation, and other forms of holistic transformations have been the new trend for people. Nurturing and focusing on feeding the mind, body and soul in a more unconventional manner than in years past. There is an energetic wave of evolution happening and people are finding new and better ways to live life.


-Meditation is a big trend now. The secret that thoughts create reality is out of the box. Motivation and inspirational life coaches are the new charlatans and trendy personas. There are group meditation sessions and/or people find a quiet dark place to be alone. Yoga is also another form of tapping into the body, mind, and spirit; all of these are great evolutionary activities, but what about day dreaming?


-Day dreaming is where the magic happens. Think about the long car rides, the walk or run through the park, the hours of waiting on a plane, train, bus, or time spent in a waiting room, those thoughts that race through our minds are of worth and value. Don’t let them go unnoticed or fade away. There is something special happening within us during these meditative states of being. Think back when you were a child sitting in a classroom bored out of your fucking mind, just sitting there in the classroom, blocking out the teacher’s voice, fading out all the other classmates, looking out the window and drifting away to a better place. Those were the best times of day dreaming, and it was always ridiculed, condemned and used as a means to belittle you by the teacher.


-As an adult this happens often too during those long work meetings, when a spouse or co-worker is complaining, or someone engages in small talk you have no interest in. Cherish those moments and don’t be afraid to tap into those day dreams when you shouldn’t. You never know what gem is hidden in there waiting to be discovered. There is magic within and it is Einstein who said “imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world and all there ever will be to know and understand.”


-The inspiration for many of his theories began while he worked as a patent examiner for the Swiss patient office in Bern, Switzerland. He would spend most of his time looking out the window day dreaming. It is also during a day dream state that Einstein developed his corner stone for the general theory of relativity while riding a streetcar day dreaming and looking at a clock tower in Switzerland. He observed and focused on how the clock tower passed behind him while he was in the street car and wondered how it would appear if the street car passed by faster and faster. Later on at the house where he lived in Switzerland between 1903-1909 he wrote the annus mirabilis papers which were the beginnings of Einstein’s thoughts on modern physics.


-There is a relationship between day dreaming and intelligence. This union helps with the brain developing into its true potential. Many great artists spend their time day dreaming and imagining the art that they want to create. Michelangelo spent months observing a giant piece of marble before he began to carve into it. What he ended up carving is the statue of David a masterpiece which captures the perfection of human anatomy. The time he spent observing the marble wasn’t a waste but he was day dreaming, imaging what figure would emerge from the marble.


-Embrace day dreaming for it will uplift your heart, mind and soul and bring you magical gifts hidden deep within. Never allow technology to take away this precious gift. So the next time you are a passenger on a bus, an airplane, subway, or waiting in a waiting room, try to leave the cellphone alone and instead drift away to a magical realm, for it is in our dreams that questions are answered, messages are given and the seeds of ideas are planted and begin to grow.   

Being a Pisces

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-Being a Pisces isn’t easy. It’s confusing at times. The dramatic mood changes and personas we act out can be confusing to ourselves and others. It’s mentally and physically draining. In one day we can feel complete joy, anger, rage, lonely, loved, brave, timid, sad, and depressed to the point we will either dig a hole to hide away in, or stand on the edge of a bridge contemplating our demise, yet, in a matter of minutes rise back up to the emotional high of love and happiness.


-Our emotions constantly change and turn like the tides. We are dreamers, the innovators, the crazy ones who go with the flow of life. We are leaders in the most unconventional way and creators, using actions, not words to guide and give, and teach others a better way to live.


-Intuitive souls who can sense and feel the emotions of others and like a psychic reads minds, who can somehow anticipate the words and actions of others. We are adaptable, constantly wearing masks in an attempt to fit in or play along with the masses. Someone who can live with nothing, or more than needed.


-Pisces are charming and desirable by those who can see beyond normality and all that is façade and status. A Pisces needs not money, looks, or fancy cars, only a genuine gaze in our eyes, enough to cause others to stop and admire that which they desire, yet, don’t understand; why because a Pisces never lies.


-We are the truth all seek and try to hide, the ones who are true to themselves. Pisces are comfortable in their shoes, never allowing negative words or opinions of others to stand in our way, as we swim through life chasing dreams and making nothing appear as it seems.


-The one who sits alone on a park bench, or strolls alone down the beach, or sipping coffee alone in a café watching the world pass by. We are the hermetic shamans, we bring heart, body, mind, and soul together as one; we never give up until we’re done.


-Strangers in a world of many, who hides in the crowds, trying to avoid a sea of mixed emotions filled with hate, lies, and indecent exposures, cancerous thoughts and feelings Pisces feel in others. This is why a Pisces stands alone in the corner or slips in and out of a party or a mass gathering unnoticed.


-We seek solitude, yet attract many from all walks of life. Inside we are old and wise, yet, still feel and act young like a child. We are broken and fixed inside, and do whatever just to create from our hearts and souls.



 “Chances are, while you can come across as introverted, the real reason for your apparent reserve is you're happy to be the life of your own party (be it in your head or in your own space) rather than follow the crowd.”
― Rosemary Breen, Pisces: Horoscope Compatibility

Pisces Dreamer


A dreamer drifting away,

            Climbing through the tides.

A misunderstood fool, who seems

            To bring gloom.

A quiet loner who stands

            Alone in a crowd.

Unheard by the masses, but

            Respected by the few willing to open their ears.

Charming, nice, and a little bit fierce

            When the mood and the moment is right.

The one who always listens, but

            Is ignored by all.

Full of wit and knowledge, yet

            Considered insane and aloof.

Intuitive, psychic, and full of spiritual transcendence,

            Someone who can feel and sense the emotions of all.

Adaptable and capable of achieving greatness, yet

            Is looked down upon, not trusted, and considered to be weak.

Strange to those close to us, such as family, friends and those in our lives, yet

            Seen as someone special and wise, full of heart, life, and inspiration in stranger’s eyes.

A little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell

            All trapped inside this lonely cell.

A fish who climbs through life, who comes from far, a descendent of Neptune,

Who strives for the moon, and is capable of reaching beyond the stars.

A savior and martyr full of balance

            Someone who lives free and always finds time to give to those in need

A fish who swims in two directions, yet is able to live parallel with others,

And make it through this dream, as a minority of one amongst the masses.   

The Reality of Writing a Book

The Writer's Iceberg.jpeg

The reality of writing a book:


-The idea of writing a book is one of those thoughts that cross many people's mind. Some people are willing to take the challenge of acting on those thoughts, while others play around with the idea and fantasize about how "I could write a book about this." For those who enjoy reading books all they see is the book and not what it took to create it. This is the reality of writing a book.


-Therefore, this is for the bold ones who choose to take that journey of writing a book and for those who are thinking about it at the moment. At first the idea of writing a book may sound “COOL” and the idea of being a published author may seem “SEXY.” The reality is that writing a book isn’t “cool” and being a published author isn’t “sexy”. Writing a book could feel like driving without your hands on the wheel on a suicide mission through hell and becoming a published author can be lonely at times, but it is also basically becoming an established writer, and better person than before; mainly due to the process and accomplishing such a feat.


-If you are considering writing a book this is for you. The percentage of people who actually do write a book is small. The reason for this is once the reality of what is necessary to write a book sets in, the burden, the time it will take, and/or the commitment isn’t there, many people give up and quit, or they race through a book and pump out something that isn’t any good or not what it could have been. Patience is one of many vital virtues to have if you consider writing a book.


-For those who are aspiring to write a book or have already begun to, here is a little bit of advice based off of my own experience of writing a book. It took me 10 years to write my first novel, Esperanza and no matter how difficult it got, burdensome it became, and how much I wanted to quit, I never caved in and gave up. I carried on no matter how treacherous the road became.


-Along the way not only have I become a better writer but I have grown as a human being. The writing process changes you like never before. There is something magical about writing and that conscious and unconscious connection made with creating something from nothing, building a story, or any kind of book with words, and making that channeling connection with your higher self and sometimes downloading information from the unseen, the universal consciousness we can sometimes all tap into.


-With that said if you are to dive in and make the attempt, make sure that you’re willing to make a 100% commitment, anything less will make the journey difficult, not of the worth it could be, and you’ll just be wasting your time. You will need to be discipline with the balance of your life, writing process and daily writing routine. Being adaptable to sudden changes with life, the process and with the writing will be essential. Also without having a strong work ethic and being able to maintain strong time management with your life, work, and writing you’ll end up creating minimal work and begin to get lost in life and with your writing.


-So in closing the reality of writing a book is that it’s a lonely road. Not many people are willing to take that road and if you dare to, be sure to find yourself on a path no one will understand but you. Yes, others will be needed to help you along the way such as editors, beta readers, formatters, other author’s and their advice, for some mentors, writer’s groups, friends and family, informative books, podcasts, and Youtube videos of people talking about the writing process, writing a book, and everything in between. In the end though it is just you and the idea you have brewing in your mind which you attempt to write and turn into a book. Protect and nourish your ideas like your children, because in the end, when your book is published, it will feel like having your child. Last when you are writing it is just you, your ideas, and a blank sheet of paper.


-Here is what worked for me as I took a 10 year journey writing my first novel Esperanza.

A New Day, A New Year, A New Way

A New Day, A New Year, A New Way There (Pic).jpg

-Another year has passed and a new year has arrived sitting there like a blank page waiting to be written. How the year will begin is up to you. Where it takes you doesn’t matter it’s how you get there that does.

-Whatever your plans are or wherever it is you plan to sail know that any destination can be reached. It’s the process that will get you there, and it is how to go about forging your way forward each day. No one, no past baggage, words or the opinions of others can hold you back only that what is in your own mind. Open it up, vast and wide. Set yourself free of negative influences and people. The winds are there you just need to cast your sails and drift away into the unknown without fear.

-Dream big but take it slow. Mend realistic thinking with optimism and the seas will remain calm and doors will open. Energetically the right people will be drawn to you and the experiences will become roadmaps and signs. Know how to recognize them and read them and you’ll be fine. Everything eventually falls into place.

-So whatever you set out to do for this year be sure to dive in, be sure to rise higher than last year, and be sure to look back without any regret.

-If you do find yourself in troubled waters don’t give up on yourself or those you love, keep chasing that dream and soon it will become a reality, just as long has you execute each day. Even if you commit just one hour a day towards reaching your dream, that’s one step closer each day, and for some that’s a giant leap way beyond those who talk but never walk.

-No one can take you there but you. The answers you seek are not out there but within you. There is a place waiting for you and there is a time that waits for your arrival. No matter how far, no matter how treacherous the journey may be know that the sails you cast and the path you choose will set you free. Be not afraid of the unknown that awaits you in the year to come. You’ve lived many years before, so use all that you’ve learned and all that you know as your tools and your guide, nothing out there can hold you back but you.

-How will the year ahead be written? How will the year ahead end? That’s all up to you. So take advantage of the blank page before you, cast the sails and go out and conquer the year ahead. Make it one worth remembering.