Modest Marine

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-Born February 6, 1925

-Lived during the Great Depression, lived a life that stretches from horse and carriages, Pearl Harbor, to the atomic bomb, to having a man walk on the moon, a president and other prolific figures who fought social injustice be assassinated, a cultural and musical revolution, Vietnam, the cold war, personal computers, Reganomics, the crumbling of the Berlin Wall, Desert Storm, the internet, Apple iphone,  9/11, the war on terror, the 1st Black President, climate change, touch screen technology, and driverless cars 

-Dropped out of high school and enlisted into the Marines March 5, 1943

-Was sent to the Pacific with the 4th Marine Division

-At the age of 20, weighing 120lbs, was a flamethrower who carried 80lbs of two tanks containing fuel and compressed gas on his back on Iwo-Jima February 19 – March 26 1945

-While trying to advance and take the air field, his platoon of 30 men was ambushed and picked off one by one by a sniper in a smoke stack. He was one of three who survived.

-After fighting on Iwo-Jima for the entire 36 days, with no place to hide or take cover, out of about 70,000 American soldiers, about 20,000 were killed; he walked away from Iwo-Jima without a scratch

-When he returned to New Jersey he married his sweetheart and had three children.

-He lived the American Dream, raising a family, and working hard

-He sacrificed two and ¾ years of his life as an enlisted Marine, and spent the rest of his life as a Marine, living it, being it, and joining other service men and women from his generation, and now for many reunions throughout the years

-He is from the greatest generation, who fought fascism, helped preserve, our freedoms and pave the way for the American way of life so many take for granted

-He recently lost his best friend, and brother in arms who fought beside him on Iwo-Jima, Mike “Iron Mike” Mervosh, and is now the last man standing from all of his friends and fellow Marines who fought in the Pacific during WW II with him and is still striving, going strong, and living life as a Marine

-He is currently 92 years old, has 3 children, 11 grandchildren, and 12 great grandchildren

-He is Domenick P. Tutalo, the “Modest Marine”, my grandfather, and to all a veteran who deserves all the praise and respect in the world

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