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-Before moving forward in life you must first look back; not a quick glance or a long gaze, delving on the could’ve, would’ve should’ve moments, but spend the time to admire all you have passed through, all of those in your life, and all of those who have come into your life, even if just for a single moment in time.


-Take the time to not only reflect on the mental and physical scars you received, but also take the time to appreciate all you have accomplished in the past year, and all you have failed at. There is truth and meaning behind every door you opened, and growth from every experience you had. Use the time to learn from all you have encountered, and figure out how to take the knowledge with you as you move forward into a new year.


-There is wealth which grows from the roots of the past. So instead of uprooting people, and negative experiences from the past, try to trim the weeds, and every now and then water the roots. Keep in touch and reflect on each moment. Those people no matter how negative or wrong a relationship went; came into your life for a reason. There are no coincidences, only a universal consciousness that is connected with heart vibrations. So, all the people and experiences which you have had, you attracted. They came into your life because of love, hate or curiosity. So remember their words, because out of all that was said, there had to be at least one positive element to take with you as you move forward, and remember the experiences no matter how flawed, or negative, because if it wasn’t something that felt good at the moment, or went well, use the predicament or failure as means to learn and grow. Remember the past, future, and present are all connected as one, one thought in your mind which you control.  


-Not only do you have to look back, but you also have to look within. Look deep into your eyes reflecting in the mirror, and go deep within your heart and soul. Get lost in yourself and find that which holds you back in life, and discover that which will take you to higher places in life. The beauty within you is more powerful than all that which appears to be so worthy of your time, and energy.


-Try spending some time alone each day. Even if just for eleven minutes, try to look deep within yourself, and reflect. Clear out the madness, the world around you, the confines of life, and all that which poisons the mind. Don’t be afraid to be alone, and reflect on yourself. Cleanse your heart, mind and soul, just by sitting in a quiet room, maybe with some soothing music, by going for a walk, by pacing around in figure eights, driving around in your car with no direction, or even by sitting in a café with a fresh brew reflecting on you, as the world passes by. Everything is vibration, so move with the universe, connect with your higher self, and trust your intuition; within you’ll find all the answers you need.


-It is only after connecting with yourself, discovering your true self and worth, believing in all you have within, and not being afraid to conquer your dreams without fear of others opinions or all that which tries to hold you back, that you become free. After breaking free from the shackles of normality, and all that which is considered to be an enriched life or the right way to live, then carry on. Open up a new door, and take the unknown path; pave your way through the year ahead, and never stop until you reach all that you desire. Take only all that which is in your heart and all the lessons learned from the past. And don’t forget to spend some time to reflect, because it are those people, words, and little moments from the past, no matter how negative or positive, which brought you to the present moment, which is fuel to carry on to the future unknown. Use tidbits from the past, all from within, and write your own life. The year ahead is full of blank pages, it’s an open book, so write, write without fear, write without regrets, write without confines, write without status or fitting in, write without convictions in others, write from within, write from the heart, and write your own way.