Moving Forward

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-Coming out of a transitional period can be liberating but at the same time like starting over. The past two and a half months have been quite a rush. Life, job obligations and the advancements I made as an indie author/artist have all culminated to a massive leap into brighter skies yet a deep plunge into darker waters. All is good and all is for the better.


-Despite the technical and electronical hiccups and break downs, which usually happen during transitional periods in our lives such as, light bulbs suddenly flickering and blowing out, the car breaking down, engine failure, the physical world around you transforming and affecting the lifestyle you live and those in our lives either coming or going, it was all meant to be. Know that everything in life is vibration and these vibrational occurrences are caused by the electromagnetic field of the universe in accordance with the Earth and the human body. It is normal for such instances to happen during these transitional periods in our life. Our energetic bodies, aura, heart, mind, and soul are all affected and connected as one.


-Now that the transitional period has passed where do we go from here? With most people there should have been some sort of growth, loss, or gain; sometimes all three at once. Whatever your paradigm is it’s up to you to figure out what was happening in your life, the why, and the where it’s taking you.


-For me the dwindling days of summer and the blossoming of autumn is a time to set aside the pen and paper, put away the manuscripts and books I’ve been working on, and sit on the art work I’ve been working on. This period of time in my life is a time to unwind, contemplate and map out the road ahead. It’s a time to focus on little side projects and advance my knowledge in other fields. Not only is this time of the year time consuming and exhausting, but it is a time to let the body and mind rest. It is a time to let things pass and figure out how to move forward from my sudden stand point in life.


-Where I go from here I do not know. I only know the road which awaits me and the many different paths I can take from further down. Each day is a gift; each day is a new step in a new direction towards my dreams. The older I get the younger I feel, the more child like I live my life the bigger the dream becomes, the more passion I put into all I do the closer that dream becomes.


-There is no right or wrong way to live life. There is no right or wrong way to look, to dress, to travel, or to be entertained. In the end your appearance will not define you, the clothes you wear no matter how worn out, brand new, expensive or cheap they are will do the same job, cover your body and keep you warm. No matter if you drive a fancy expensive car or a clunker it will always take you to where you need to go. And no matter what your vice is or what you indulge in for entertainment, it will always entertain you and bring you some sort of gratification.


-“Look poor, think rich,” clever words from Andy Warhol. The bigger my family gets the more passion and drive I have to succeed for them. It is no longer about me, the way I look, the way I go about my life, it’s about them, those I LOVE.


-As I carry on with more to LOVE, no one nor negative words or actions will stop me or bring me down. My LOVE for my family trumps all those who blindly live their lives. All the ignorant critics and shallow souls are nothing more than big fish in a small fish bowl on top of a mantle inside a wooden doll house, and weeds on the path I take towards my dreams. These negative people and influences are just passing points in life as I carry on for those I LOVE.


-LOVE will get me there and LOVE will be there in the end. There is a lot to share and a lot to do as the colorful autumn leaves begin to fall and the cold of winter begins to fill the air. Time is precious and money will always be there to make, but all you dream will not wait, it will not manifest without action. So now is the time to carry on, now is the time to continue further down the unknown path, now is the time to strive and now is the time to be alive. Lots of promising things coming soon; live and strive, be you and love all that you do, LOVE will take you there.