Being Human

being human (pic).jpg

           We are creators. We are consciousness having an experience in this game called life. We are the manifestation of ourselves. Thoughts create reality and it’s in us to create the world we dream for ourselves.

            This is the beauty of being human that we are able to create something from nothing, and that we hold within ourselves the power to create the experience we desire. We are more powerful than that which tries to hold us back; a control system meant to dumb us down, sedate us, and manipulate our thoughts with fear porn, and keep us in a low vibrational state of being; we are conditioned to think, speak and live negative lifestyles.

            I believe that all humans are born as benevolent beings, and no one is born with sin. It is society which corrupts, spoils, and creates such terrible beings. The trendy fads, bias political talking points of the day, spoon fed news, entertainment, corporate controlled health advice, and way of living is blinding and taste like shit. It’s destroying human beings as a whole. Once you are able to see for yourself and break free from the shackles of dehumanization, then will your true spirit rise up.

            The possibilities in life are limitless once you are able to tap into your true self. Hidden deep inside are untapped dreams waiting to be nourished, chased, and fulfilled; it’s only after discovering who you are that your dreams can begin to manifest.

            The path of self-discovery isn’t easy though, and it isn’t one many are willing to take. Fear is the number one obstacle which will hold people back in life, and prevent individuals from being the most amazing human being that they can be. Once that barrier is breached, then the wall which stops people from continuing down a righteous path of a fulling life is failure. Human beings are plagued with failure, and try to avoid it; yet, failure is one of the richest, most beneficial assets a human being could have.

            Yes, failure will bring you down, eat away your heart and soul, but what it will also do is fuel your drive, that which you desire even more; your heart and soul will be repaired for the better. It will be stronger, and all of the knowledge you gain from failing will enable you to strive even further than before. Failure should be the shadow you always want by your side, your best friend, and motivator to help you leap out further into the unknown.

            This is being human, and this is what it takes to mold a human being into something special. There are many great minds and individuals throughout history from various fields and many different walks of life who have failed miserably, and many times, yet, were able to go above and beyond what the human being is capable of achieving, proving that anything can be attained. 

            From the wheel, to fire, to the seven ancient wonders of the world, the Mona Lisa, the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, the great cathedrals throughout the world, metropolises, literature, music, photography, film, the light bulb, theory of relativity, to modern day technology, there is a vast ocean of magnificent creations made by human beings, which have benefited humans for the better, and have shown us the incredible feats we can overcome and create. All of this from an idea, a simple thought in the mind, which at one point may have seemed crazy, but then again all great minds throughout time have been considered to be crazy.

            Yet, it are these so called insane people, who were thought to be mad, who have proven what great genius we all are as human beings. They were and are a minority within the masses of closed mind human beings, who are in need of an awakening. The time is now, and it seems to be happening to more, more than ever before.

            We are the manifestations of our imaginations, and all that we see around us at one time was a thought. So trust in your heart, and trust in your dreams because anything in life can be achieved. This is the beauty of being human, and this life is worth living.