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-Persistence; persistence is what has gotten me past the 10years I spent writing, editing, modifying, and publishing my first Novel, Esperanza. From the very beginning I knew that it wasn’t going to be an easy journey, nor a short one. I never knew where the road would take me and when it would end. Along the way there were many challenges, critics, and adversity to overcome.

-The human spirit is strong and once you discover who you are, and you trust in your heart and all that you desire your outer shell becomes just as strong. Nothing will bring you down or stand in your way. All negative forces will be ignored, repelled and not worth your time. The inner strength you behold will be your driving force in perusing whatever it is that you want to achieve.

-For me it was writing my first novel. I knew nothing about the writing process or how to go about writing a book. I taught myself and I learned a lot from my failures and short comings. I wasn’t afraid to continue down the unknown path no matter how frustrating, difficult, or self-destructive it became.

-It is currently April 2018, now eight months since I self-published Esperanza, (August 2017) and the road I am now on is much different and more difficult. Publishing was not the end but the beginning, and this new journey I am now on is an interesting one. Being the introvert I am I must now be an extrovert. I must now not only share Esperanza with the world, but also a part of me, and my life journey. Everyone is unique and original in their own way. My life is no better than anyone else, the same, or different. We all share a universal piece of what living life is all about, yet pursue it in our own light.

-So at this moment, and this point in my life I must continue to be persistent. I’m now swimming in new, deeper and darker waters than before, with bigger sharks out there to bring me down, and stop me from pursuing my dreams of becoming a successful author/writer/artist. Where the tides guide me I do not know, but I will not stop swimming.

-I’ve grown from being a prominent soccer player at the adolescent and collegiate level, winning a 2001 DIV III national championship with the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey mens soccer team, as an independent author self-publishing my first novel, and now continuing to write my second novel The Mime and attempt to get it published traditionally with a publishing company.

-There are other artistic avenues I am continuing to take, create and achieve. New and old writing projects are currently being revisited and shaped along with building a “brand” around me. This is a turning point in the digital age, and the new “brand” is “you/me/I”. We are the product, we are the choice people make daily to listen to, follow, and acquire from.

-So, if there is something for me to share and for you to get out of my experience as an athlete/artist, it’s that persistence is one of the dominant characteristics which I abide by and has gotten me through the toughest of times, past the ignorant ones who judge without knowing and try to stop me and enabled me to carry on, and continue to pursue all I desire without stopping, without giving up.

-Along with all of our personal endeavors we as a human race stand at a crossroads of the next stage of human existence. Politically, economically, and socially the old way of being is dying and phasing out and the birth of a new age is beginning. Whatever the new way of being or living in society will look like, what challenges will come, or destructiveness, persistence is what will enable me, you, and us as a human being to strive.