Dreams begin to unfold after making many sacrifices, having a strong work ethic/time management, being disciplined, focused, never stopping when failing, but continue to get up and move forward, and last having lots of patience. After receiving another shipment of my novel Esperanza I'm almost out of stock and there has been a flux of online Amazon sales. It's so surreal that this story I started writing 10 years ago about an illegal immigrant woman from Mexico who comes to America and gets separated from her child is reflective during this time of current events. I hope that those who have read Esperanza share this story and their thoughts and those who haven't or are curious take a chance. I did 10 years ago on a dream of becoming an independent author/artist without knowing how to begin or where it would take me and the time of becoming his here. Anyone out there struggling to formulate a dream, chase it, and achieve it, know that there is nothing that can hold you back but you. Block out and drain out the negativity in the world and around you, stay positive, stay true to you and strive for your dreams and anything can be achieved.

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