Book Review

Esperanza received it's third official book review. After getting two strong reviews this third one is a little dent in the armor. As with the previous two reviews this review praises Esperanza for its strong non-linear storytelling, the content of the story, the characters, the struggles, the plot, and how it's main plot point of an illegal immigrant is reflective with today's current events. 


As an independent writer and this being my first novel, I got a few jabs and a right, left hook combo from this reviewer regarding my writing being "mundane" and its "slack writing." That's OK these are flaws I recognized in myself and by others (editors, beta readers, and others who have read Esperanza). It's a truth pill that isn't so good to swallow but will make me stronger, something I've been working on and improving with. 


I except this review and I only move on from here. Not everyone will like the way I write or the stories told. That's the reality, that's life. As humans we can't dwell on the negative but use it as fuel to climb higher up the mountains we dare venture up. 


Has anyone else experienced any form of failure, ridicule, or negative judgment with what they do? Please share. 




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