Power of a Woman

Who challenges you? Who fuels your passion? Who inspires you?

Behind every successful man there is a great woman. No matter how successful you are in life or how independent or dependent you are, having a great woman by your side will always get you there. They are the mother Earth energy, that life force, the feminine that balances out the masculine. Their love and nurturing will always bring you back down to Earth. Their voice and loving ways will always blanket and comfort us with empathy. Their strong personas and warrior spirit to do whatever it takes to care and support the ones they love will always empower those they stand besides. They are the guiding light, the kick in the ass when needed, the wisdom and the mother figure to all.

Beauty and brains is a deadly combination one that may intimidate but one that will overshadow those who try to take you away and give you reason to stay, to never leave, to never give into temptation and never allow her to go. Having someone willing to sacrifice just as much as you to chase a dream without knowing when it will be reached and achieved, having a woman who will literally live through hell for you, and having a woman who will put up with your strangeness and unconventional ways is a genuine force which cannot be reckoned with.  

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