Book Review #1

Never give up. Never stay down. Always get up. Always move on.

After receiving my first negative review for my first novel Esperanza, I just received another STRONG, POSITIVE review. Out of a 5 star rating system Esperanza got 5 stars. This review as with the other positive reviews recognized the original, powerful, nonlinear story Esperanza is. It's impact on the human spirit and what all struggle with and how it gets to the root and ugly core of the darker side of illegal immigration not many dare look at or talk about.

Being the quiet, humble introvert I am, I usually don't embrace such praise with the loud and proud "look at me" persona an extrovert may. But after getting knocked down for my writing in a previous review this one I am damn proud of. This short and sweet review captures the elements of Esperanza with truth and recognizes the "unique" "original" writer that I am that some may shy away from or dare not try.

Well I hope that those who have been knocked down before in life or are going through a slump take this as a form of inspiration to get back up. Sulking won't get you any where, diving deep into your heart, finding the inner strength and courage to look all who judge in the eyes and "GET UP, and "MOVE ON" will get you there where ever that may be. 


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