Summer's End and Autumn's Bloom (Transitional Periods)

Transition periods.

We all go through transitional periods in our lives, careers, and from within.

The seasons are no different. As summer comes to an end and autumn falls upon us, there is something magical about these transitional periods. It is felt from within, but ignored. It is happening around us; the physical world seems to crumble and break, light bulbs breaking, car trouble or broken plates and we ask ourselves why? Is this a sign or a message from the universe?

Recognizing and seeing these changes is understanding and having awareness of the spiritual and the physical connection that manifest as one during these transitional periods. Life gets chaotic at times yet it is an exciting time. New projects begin and new career advances happen. As with a flower, it grows from shit and blooms into a beautiful rose. So do we as humans during these transitional periods.

Farewell summer you were a joy, a time to reflect, a time to build, a time to manifest, a time to carry on. . . As the final hours of summer come to an official end the welcoming brisk warm breeze of Autumn now Falls upon us. It is a time of transformation, a time of rebirth and a time to bring out something new. The tides have come and gone, the sea waters no longer harsh and the skies now open to brighter and beautiful days. There is now balance and more light and love resonating from within, this is the time when all new things begin, this is the harvest, and the womb, this is where life is born. . . Lots of new projects, updates, and life coming very soon, keep checking in for updates. Much LOVE and many blessings to ALL.