A New Day, A New Year, A New Way

A New Day, A New Year, A New Way There (Pic).jpg

-Another year has passed and a new year has arrived sitting there like a blank page waiting to be written. How the year will begin is up to you. Where it takes you doesn’t matter it’s how you get there that does.

-Whatever your plans are or wherever it is you plan to sail know that any destination can be reached. It’s the process that will get you there, and it is how to go about forging your way forward each day. No one, no past baggage, words or the opinions of others can hold you back only that what is in your own mind. Open it up, vast and wide. Set yourself free of negative influences and people. The winds are there you just need to cast your sails and drift away into the unknown without fear.

-Dream big but take it slow. Mend realistic thinking with optimism and the seas will remain calm and doors will open. Energetically the right people will be drawn to you and the experiences will become roadmaps and signs. Know how to recognize them and read them and you’ll be fine. Everything eventually falls into place.

-So whatever you set out to do for this year be sure to dive in, be sure to rise higher than last year, and be sure to look back without any regret.

-If you do find yourself in troubled waters don’t give up on yourself or those you love, keep chasing that dream and soon it will become a reality, just as long has you execute each day. Even if you commit just one hour a day towards reaching your dream, that’s one step closer each day, and for some that’s a giant leap way beyond those who talk but never walk.

-No one can take you there but you. The answers you seek are not out there but within you. There is a place waiting for you and there is a time that waits for your arrival. No matter how far, no matter how treacherous the journey may be know that the sails you cast and the path you choose will set you free. Be not afraid of the unknown that awaits you in the year to come. You’ve lived many years before, so use all that you’ve learned and all that you know as your tools and your guide, nothing out there can hold you back but you.

-How will the year ahead be written? How will the year ahead end? That’s all up to you. So take advantage of the blank page before you, cast the sails and go out and conquer the year ahead. Make it one worth remembering.