The Reality of Writing a Book

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The reality of writing a book:


-The idea of writing a book is one of those thoughts that cross many people's mind. Some people are willing to take the challenge of acting on those thoughts, while others play around with the idea and fantasize about how "I could write a book about this." For those who enjoy reading books all they see is the book and not what it took to create it. This is the reality of writing a book.


-Therefore, this is for the bold ones who choose to take that journey of writing a book and for those who are thinking about it at the moment. At first the idea of writing a book may sound “COOL” and the idea of being a published author may seem “SEXY.” The reality is that writing a book isn’t “cool” and being a published author isn’t “sexy”. Writing a book could feel like driving without your hands on the wheel on a suicide mission through hell and becoming a published author can be lonely at times, but it is also basically becoming an established writer, and better person than before; mainly due to the process and accomplishing such a feat.


-If you are considering writing a book this is for you. The percentage of people who actually do write a book is small. The reason for this is once the reality of what is necessary to write a book sets in, the burden, the time it will take, and/or the commitment isn’t there, many people give up and quit, or they race through a book and pump out something that isn’t any good or not what it could have been. Patience is one of many vital virtues to have if you consider writing a book.


-For those who are aspiring to write a book or have already begun to, here is a little bit of advice based off of my own experience of writing a book. It took me 10 years to write my first novel, Esperanza and no matter how difficult it got, burdensome it became, and how much I wanted to quit, I never caved in and gave up. I carried on no matter how treacherous the road became.


-Along the way not only have I become a better writer but I have grown as a human being. The writing process changes you like never before. There is something magical about writing and that conscious and unconscious connection made with creating something from nothing, building a story, or any kind of book with words, and making that channeling connection with your higher self and sometimes downloading information from the unseen, the universal consciousness we can sometimes all tap into.


-With that said if you are to dive in and make the attempt, make sure that you’re willing to make a 100% commitment, anything less will make the journey difficult, not of the worth it could be, and you’ll just be wasting your time. You will need to be discipline with the balance of your life, writing process and daily writing routine. Being adaptable to sudden changes with life, the process and with the writing will be essential. Also without having a strong work ethic and being able to maintain strong time management with your life, work, and writing you’ll end up creating minimal work and begin to get lost in life and with your writing.


-So in closing the reality of writing a book is that it’s a lonely road. Not many people are willing to take that road and if you dare to, be sure to find yourself on a path no one will understand but you. Yes, others will be needed to help you along the way such as editors, beta readers, formatters, other author’s and their advice, for some mentors, writer’s groups, friends and family, informative books, podcasts, and Youtube videos of people talking about the writing process, writing a book, and everything in between. In the end though it is just you and the idea you have brewing in your mind which you attempt to write and turn into a book. Protect and nourish your ideas like your children, because in the end, when your book is published, it will feel like having your child. Last when you are writing it is just you, your ideas, and a blank sheet of paper.


-Here is what worked for me as I took a 10 year journey writing my first novel Esperanza.