Pisces Dreamer


A dreamer drifting away,

            Climbing through the tides.

A misunderstood fool, who seems

            To bring gloom.

A quiet loner who stands

            Alone in a crowd.

Unheard by the masses, but

            Respected by the few willing to open their ears.

Charming, nice, and a little bit fierce

            When the mood and the moment is right.

The one who always listens, but

            Is ignored by all.

Full of wit and knowledge, yet

            Considered insane and aloof.

Intuitive, psychic, and full of spiritual transcendence,

            Someone who can feel and sense the emotions of all.

Adaptable and capable of achieving greatness, yet

            Is looked down upon, not trusted, and considered to be weak.

Strange to those close to us, such as family, friends and those in our lives, yet

            Seen as someone special and wise, full of heart, life, and inspiration in stranger’s eyes.

A little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell

            All trapped inside this lonely cell.

A fish who climbs through life, who comes from far, a descendent of Neptune,

Who strives for the moon, and is capable of reaching beyond the stars.

A savior and martyr full of balance

            Someone who lives free and always finds time to give to those in need

A fish who swims in two directions, yet is able to live parallel with others,

And make it through this dream, as a minority of one amongst the masses.