Being a Pisces

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-Being a Pisces isn’t easy. It’s confusing at times. The dramatic mood changes and personas we act out can be confusing to ourselves and others. It’s mentally and physically draining. In one day we can feel complete joy, anger, rage, lonely, loved, brave, timid, sad, and depressed to the point we will either dig a hole to hide away in, or stand on the edge of a bridge contemplating our demise, yet, in a matter of minutes rise back up to the emotional high of love and happiness.


-Our emotions constantly change and turn like the tides. We are dreamers, the innovators, the crazy ones who go with the flow of life. We are leaders in the most unconventional way and creators, using actions, not words to guide and give, and teach others a better way to live.


-Intuitive souls who can sense and feel the emotions of others and like a psychic reads minds, who can somehow anticipate the words and actions of others. We are adaptable, constantly wearing masks in an attempt to fit in or play along with the masses. Someone who can live with nothing, or more than needed.


-Pisces are charming and desirable by those who can see beyond normality and all that is façade and status. A Pisces needs not money, looks, or fancy cars, only a genuine gaze in our eyes, enough to cause others to stop and admire that which they desire, yet, don’t understand; why because a Pisces never lies.


-We are the truth all seek and try to hide, the ones who are true to themselves. Pisces are comfortable in their shoes, never allowing negative words or opinions of others to stand in our way, as we swim through life chasing dreams and making nothing appear as it seems.


-The one who sits alone on a park bench, or strolls alone down the beach, or sipping coffee alone in a café watching the world pass by. We are the hermetic shamans, we bring heart, body, mind, and soul together as one; we never give up until we’re done.


-Strangers in a world of many, who hides in the crowds, trying to avoid a sea of mixed emotions filled with hate, lies, and indecent exposures, cancerous thoughts and feelings Pisces feel in others. This is why a Pisces stands alone in the corner or slips in and out of a party or a mass gathering unnoticed.


-We seek solitude, yet attract many from all walks of life. Inside we are old and wise, yet, still feel and act young like a child. We are broken and fixed inside, and do whatever just to create from our hearts and souls.



 “Chances are, while you can come across as introverted, the real reason for your apparent reserve is you're happy to be the life of your own party (be it in your head or in your own space) rather than follow the crowd.”
― Rosemary Breen, Pisces: Horoscope Compatibility