This is Mexico


-The Mexico I know is a palette of art and beauty. It is rich with culture and traditions. It seduces the heart and soul with its exotic and transcending culinary dishes; especially the coffee, with all its varieties, which is dark, warm and filled with spice and aromatic flavors not matched by any other in the world. It is unique and plentiful and it is mirrored by its people who are humble and passionate to live life.


-There are too many prominent figures to name who have made their mark and too many brilliant minds and people, amongst the everyday Mexican, such as the musicians and artisans who get left unnoticed, whose art and words touches the heart, and uplifts the soul. They are a part of a whole which mend together all of Mexico. Even the architecture and vibrant colors of Mexico are only pigments of a mural of Mexico’s people, achievements, and contributions to the world; its history which spans from the Mayans to today. It is splattered with big, swift brush strokes, abstract, which is intellectually thought provoking, inspiring, and comforting to know. This is the Mexico I know.


-A nation plagued with corruption, yet, continues to stand up for what is right and strive without fear or intimidation.


-It is a nation with a vast landscape of rising mountains, and scattered throughout are cities filled with beauty and life. Some hidden in mountain ranges, others out in the open plains, but no matter how far, the cities sing for all, beckoning people from all walks of life from afar.


-And amongst the many faces of color, ranging from white, to tan, to brown, to mocha, topped with dark hair, even golden, there is a spirit within all, a universal soul consciously connected as one, which is enrooted in Mother Earth, and within humans from all walks of life. The people of Mexico are as diverse as they can be, who open up to strangers, and welcome all, for this is a true host when entering the gates, and walking into the great hall, that is Mexico.     


-There are many hidden treasures, such as Hierva el Agua, and the streets of Guanajuato. And although parts of Mexico are still underdeveloped, the Mexican way of living, shows us how to live within our means and live a simple life, yet, enjoy and live life to the fullest without fear or complaining.


-And for those parts of Mexico blanketed with technology and the modern way of life, underneath the surface of it all still exists Mexico’s rich traditions, deep rooted into a past so wealthy with knowledge that the old sprouts up through the cover of modern days, and sheds light, removing blindness, and taking all down an enchanting trail to something real. The blood of life flows through Mexico, and its blood pulsating veins stretch throughout the world, beyond borders, bringing down walls, building bridges, reaching out to all, and bringing life, passion, and hope to all. This is the Mexico I know. This is the Mexico I love.