Being Back Here


The beaches of an exotic island, some foreign land, the resort, the cobblestone streets of an old city lined with the most appealing and unique shoppes, cafes, bars and restaurants and of course the taste of the fresh natural homemade food from a place you wish you could call home, a place you dream of forever living in, but now it’s gone. You’re back in your actual home from your long get away from life and the daily grind.

We’ve all been there before, that destination we fall in love with and think about when we return home to go to work. Being back here sucks, but it’s fucking motivating to get back to that place you imagine living.

The first two weeks home are the hardest. Trying to get back in to the right mental state of being, adjust to your mundane daily schedules and routines is difficult at times and frustrating. Instead of focusing on your job you end up drifting away to that place you miss so much. Whatever that place may be, know that you can live there, you can have the paradise you desire.

It may take time and a lot of work and effort, but know that the best window of time to take advantage of is when you return home. Use the WANT energy, that DESIRE to return to the escape place you enjoyed so much. Use it as your inspiration and motivation to strive to achieve greatness.

What your goals and desires are, or your passion you want to turn into a way of living may be, now is the time to grind out the work you need to do, finish that which can get you there.

Use the energy you bring back home as your fuel to conquer all that you desire.