Pisces Dreamer


A dreamer drifting away,

            Climbing through the tides.

A misunderstood fool, who seems

            To bring gloom.

A quiet loner who stands

            Alone in a crowd.

Unheard by the masses, but

            Respected by the few willing to open their ears.

Charming, nice, and a little bit fierce

            When the mood and the moment is right.

The one who always listens, but

            Is ignored by all.

Full of wit and knowledge, yet

            Considered insane and aloof.

Intuitive, psychic, and full of spiritual transcendence,

            Someone who can feel and sense the emotions of all.

Adaptable and capable of achieving greatness, yet

            Is looked down upon, not trusted, and considered to be weak.

Strange to those close to us, such as family, friends and those in our lives, yet

            Seen as someone special and wise, full of heart, life, and inspiration in stranger’s eyes.

A little bit of heaven and a little bit of hell

            All trapped inside this lonely cell.

A fish who climbs through life, who comes from far, a descendent of Neptune,

Who strives for the moon, and is capable of reaching beyond the stars.

A savior and martyr full of balance

            Someone who lives free and always finds time to give to those in need

A fish who swims in two directions, yet is able to live parallel with others,

And make it through this dream, as a minority of one amongst the masses.   

The Reality of Writing a Book

The Writer's Iceberg.jpeg

The reality of writing a book:


-The idea of writing a book is one of those thoughts that cross many people's mind. Some people are willing to take the challenge of acting on those thoughts, while others play around with the idea and fantasize about how "I could write a book about this." For those who enjoy reading books all they see is the book and not what it took to create it. This is the reality of writing a book.


-Therefore, this is for the bold ones who choose to take that journey of writing a book and for those who are thinking about it at the moment. At first the idea of writing a book may sound “COOL” and the idea of being a published author may seem “SEXY.” The reality is that writing a book isn’t “cool” and being a published author isn’t “sexy”. Writing a book could feel like driving without your hands on the wheel on a suicide mission through hell and becoming a published author can be lonely at times, but it is also basically becoming an established writer, and better person than before; mainly due to the process and accomplishing such a feat.


-If you are considering writing a book this is for you. The percentage of people who actually do write a book is small. The reason for this is once the reality of what is necessary to write a book sets in, the burden, the time it will take, and/or the commitment isn’t there, many people give up and quit, or they race through a book and pump out something that isn’t any good or not what it could have been. Patience is one of many vital virtues to have if you consider writing a book.


-For those who are aspiring to write a book or have already begun to, here is a little bit of advice based off of my own experience of writing a book. It took me 10 years to write my first novel, Esperanza and no matter how difficult it got, burdensome it became, and how much I wanted to quit, I never caved in and gave up. I carried on no matter how treacherous the road became.


-Along the way not only have I become a better writer but I have grown as a human being. The writing process changes you like never before. There is something magical about writing and that conscious and unconscious connection made with creating something from nothing, building a story, or any kind of book with words, and making that channeling connection with your higher self and sometimes downloading information from the unseen, the universal consciousness we can sometimes all tap into.


-With that said if you are to dive in and make the attempt, make sure that you’re willing to make a 100% commitment, anything less will make the journey difficult, not of the worth it could be, and you’ll just be wasting your time. You will need to be discipline with the balance of your life, writing process and daily writing routine. Being adaptable to sudden changes with life, the process and with the writing will be essential. Also without having a strong work ethic and being able to maintain strong time management with your life, work, and writing you’ll end up creating minimal work and begin to get lost in life and with your writing.


-So in closing the reality of writing a book is that it’s a lonely road. Not many people are willing to take that road and if you dare to, be sure to find yourself on a path no one will understand but you. Yes, others will be needed to help you along the way such as editors, beta readers, formatters, other author’s and their advice, for some mentors, writer’s groups, friends and family, informative books, podcasts, and Youtube videos of people talking about the writing process, writing a book, and everything in between. In the end though it is just you and the idea you have brewing in your mind which you attempt to write and turn into a book. Protect and nourish your ideas like your children, because in the end, when your book is published, it will feel like having your child. Last when you are writing it is just you, your ideas, and a blank sheet of paper.


-Here is what worked for me as I took a 10 year journey writing my first novel Esperanza.



A New Day, A New Year, A New Way

A New Day, A New Year, A New Way There (Pic).jpg

-Another year has passed and a new year has arrived sitting there like a blank page waiting to be written. How the year will begin is up to you. Where it takes you doesn’t matter it’s how you get there that does.

-Whatever your plans are or wherever it is you plan to sail know that any destination can be reached. It’s the process that will get you there, and it is how to go about forging your way forward each day. No one, no past baggage, words or the opinions of others can hold you back only that what is in your own mind. Open it up, vast and wide. Set yourself free of negative influences and people. The winds are there you just need to cast your sails and drift away into the unknown without fear.

-Dream big but take it slow. Mend realistic thinking with optimism and the seas will remain calm and doors will open. Energetically the right people will be drawn to you and the experiences will become roadmaps and signs. Know how to recognize them and read them and you’ll be fine. Everything eventually falls into place.

-So whatever you set out to do for this year be sure to dive in, be sure to rise higher than last year, and be sure to look back without any regret.

-If you do find yourself in troubled waters don’t give up on yourself or those you love, keep chasing that dream and soon it will become a reality, just as long has you execute each day. Even if you commit just one hour a day towards reaching your dream, that’s one step closer each day, and for some that’s a giant leap way beyond those who talk but never walk.

-No one can take you there but you. The answers you seek are not out there but within you. There is a place waiting for you and there is a time that waits for your arrival. No matter how far, no matter how treacherous the journey may be know that the sails you cast and the path you choose will set you free. Be not afraid of the unknown that awaits you in the year to come. You’ve lived many years before, so use all that you’ve learned and all that you know as your tools and your guide, nothing out there can hold you back but you.

-How will the year ahead be written? How will the year ahead end? That’s all up to you. So take advantage of the blank page before you, cast the sails and go out and conquer the year ahead. Make it one worth remembering.   



Roma, by far the greatest film of the year and one of the best in the past 10 years. Alfonso Cuarón is a modern day master film maker who's childhood memories were brought to life in the film Roma. It is a black and white film which is visually stimulating, the cinematography, shot by Cuarón captures memories from his past in a manner which speaks to the heart and soul. First time actress Yalitza Aparicio; in her debut film portrays the nanny from Cuarón's childhood with such authenticity that you are sucked into the emotional roller coaster the character Cleo goes through. The production is authentic, most of the film was shot on location in the neighborhoods of Mexico City  Cuarón grew up in, even the furniture and items in the family home are the real ones form his past. If you are looking for a classic film experience, a film that drives on emotion, character and story this is the film to see. No CGI, no slap stick comedy, no epic battle scenes or props needed. Roma is a true story that speaks visually and emotionally on all levels that will leave you in tears of joy. A MUST SEE for lovers of film.

Moving Forward

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-Coming out of a transitional period can be liberating but at the same time like starting over. The past two and a half months have been quite a rush. Life, job obligations and the advancements I made as an indie author/artist have all culminated to a massive leap into brighter skies yet a deep plunge into darker waters. All is good and all is for the better.


-Despite the technical and electronical hiccups and break downs, which usually happen during transitional periods in our lives such as, light bulbs suddenly flickering and blowing out, the car breaking down, engine failure, the physical world around you transforming and affecting the lifestyle you live and those in our lives either coming or going, it was all meant to be. Know that everything in life is vibration and these vibrational occurrences are caused by the electromagnetic field of the universe in accordance with the Earth and the human body. It is normal for such instances to happen during these transitional periods in our life. Our energetic bodies, aura, heart, mind, and soul are all affected and connected as one.


-Now that the transitional period has passed where do we go from here? With most people there should have been some sort of growth, loss, or gain; sometimes all three at once. Whatever your paradigm is it’s up to you to figure out what was happening in your life, the why, and the where it’s taking you.


-For me the dwindling days of summer and the blossoming of autumn is a time to set aside the pen and paper, put away the manuscripts and books I’ve been working on, and sit on the art work I’ve been working on. This period of time in my life is a time to unwind, contemplate and map out the road ahead. It’s a time to focus on little side projects and advance my knowledge in other fields. Not only is this time of the year time consuming and exhausting, but it is a time to let the body and mind rest. It is a time to let things pass and figure out how to move forward from my sudden stand point in life.


-Where I go from here I do not know. I only know the road which awaits me and the many different paths I can take from further down. Each day is a gift; each day is a new step in a new direction towards my dreams. The older I get the younger I feel, the more child like I live my life the bigger the dream becomes, the more passion I put into all I do the closer that dream becomes.


-There is no right or wrong way to live life. There is no right or wrong way to look, to dress, to travel, or to be entertained. In the end your appearance will not define you, the clothes you wear no matter how worn out, brand new, expensive or cheap they are will do the same job, cover your body and keep you warm. No matter if you drive a fancy expensive car or a clunker it will always take you to where you need to go. And no matter what your vice is or what you indulge in for entertainment, it will always entertain you and bring you some sort of gratification.


-“Look poor, think rich,” clever words from Andy Warhol. The bigger my family gets the more passion and drive I have to succeed for them. It is no longer about me, the way I look, the way I go about my life, it’s about them, those I LOVE.


-As I carry on with more to LOVE, no one nor negative words or actions will stop me or bring me down. My LOVE for my family trumps all those who blindly live their lives. All the ignorant critics and shallow souls are nothing more than big fish in a small fish bowl on top of a mantle inside a wooden doll house, and weeds on the path I take towards my dreams. These negative people and influences are just passing points in life as I carry on for those I LOVE.


-LOVE will get me there and LOVE will be there in the end. There is a lot to share and a lot to do as the colorful autumn leaves begin to fall and the cold of winter begins to fill the air. Time is precious and money will always be there to make, but all you dream will not wait, it will not manifest without action. So now is the time to carry on, now is the time to continue further down the unknown path, now is the time to strive and now is the time to be alive. Lots of promising things coming soon; live and strive, be you and love all that you do, LOVE will take you there.


Summer's End and Autumn's Bloom (Transitional Periods)

Transition periods.

We all go through transitional periods in our lives, careers, and from within.

The seasons are no different. As summer comes to an end and autumn falls upon us, there is something magical about these transitional periods. It is felt from within, but ignored. It is happening around us; the physical world seems to crumble and break, light bulbs breaking, car trouble or broken plates and we ask ourselves why? Is this a sign or a message from the universe?

Recognizing and seeing these changes is understanding and having awareness of the spiritual and the physical connection that manifest as one during these transitional periods. Life gets chaotic at times yet it is an exciting time. New projects begin and new career advances happen. As with a flower, it grows from shit and blooms into a beautiful rose. So do we as humans during these transitional periods.

Farewell summer you were a joy, a time to reflect, a time to build, a time to manifest, a time to carry on. . . As the final hours of summer come to an official end the welcoming brisk warm breeze of Autumn now Falls upon us. It is a time of transformation, a time of rebirth and a time to bring out something new. The tides have come and gone, the sea waters no longer harsh and the skies now open to brighter and beautiful days. There is now balance and more light and love resonating from within, this is the time when all new things begin, this is the harvest, and the womb, this is where life is born. . . Lots of new projects, updates, and life coming very soon, keep checking in for updates. Much LOVE and many blessings to ALL.  


Power of a Woman

Who challenges you? Who fuels your passion? Who inspires you?

Behind every successful man there is a great woman. No matter how successful you are in life or how independent or dependent you are, having a great woman by your side will always get you there. They are the mother Earth energy, that life force, the feminine that balances out the masculine. Their love and nurturing will always bring you back down to Earth. Their voice and loving ways will always blanket and comfort us with empathy. Their strong personas and warrior spirit to do whatever it takes to care and support the ones they love will always empower those they stand besides. They are the guiding light, the kick in the ass when needed, the wisdom and the mother figure to all.

Beauty and brains is a deadly combination one that may intimidate but one that will overshadow those who try to take you away and give you reason to stay, to never leave, to never give into temptation and never allow her to go. Having someone willing to sacrifice just as much as you to chase a dream without knowing when it will be reached and achieved, having a woman who will literally live through hell for you, and having a woman who will put up with your strangeness and unconventional ways is a genuine force which cannot be reckoned with.  

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Readersfavorite.com Book Review #1

Never give up. Never stay down. Always get up. Always move on.

After receiving my first negative review for my first novel Esperanza, I just received another STRONG, POSITIVE review. Out of a 5 star rating system Esperanza got 5 stars. This review as with the other positive reviews recognized the original, powerful, nonlinear story Esperanza is. It's impact on the human spirit and what all struggle with and how it gets to the root and ugly core of the darker side of illegal immigration not many dare look at or talk about.

Being the quiet, humble introvert I am, I usually don't embrace such praise with the loud and proud "look at me" persona an extrovert may. But after getting knocked down for my writing in a previous review this one I am damn proud of. This short and sweet review captures the elements of Esperanza with truth and recognizes the "unique" "original" writer that I am that some may shy away from or dare not try.

Well I hope that those who have been knocked down before in life or are going through a slump take this as a form of inspiration to get back up. Sulking won't get you any where, diving deep into your heart, finding the inner strength and courage to look all who judge in the eyes and "GET UP, and "MOVE ON" will get you there where ever that may be. 


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What Inspires You?

What inspires you? -When the weight of the world is on your shoulders and your back is against the wall sometimes in life we have to go back to those little moments that matter most. We have to get away from the daily grind and redundant work routine. As an author every now and then I have to clear the mind and step away from the writing process. For me it's being with family, traveling and finding peace and harmony from the subtleties of life. This photo of me holding my daughter was taken a year ago in Guanajuato Mexico in a little eccentric cafe. Besides the coffee being amazing this moment with my daughter was joyous. Guanajuato is one of those hidden gems of Mexico with a rich history. It's an isolated city tucked away in central Mexico. Just reflecting back on this day and the time spent there is refreshing. Not only is my daughter my life force but the thought of her is fuel for the heart and soul. -Can you think of a time and place which just fills you with a sense of peace and harmony? A moment to always reflect on when you just want to get away? Please share your thoughts

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Onlinebookclub.com Book Review

Esperanza received it's third official book review. After getting two strong reviews this third one is a little dent in the armor. As with the previous two reviews this review praises Esperanza for its strong non-linear storytelling, the content of the story, the characters, the struggles, the plot, and how it's main plot point of an illegal immigrant is reflective with today's current events. 


As an independent writer and this being my first novel, I got a few jabs and a right, left hook combo from this reviewer regarding my writing being "mundane" and its "slack writing." That's OK these are flaws I recognized in myself and by others (editors, beta readers, and others who have read Esperanza). It's a truth pill that isn't so good to swallow but will make me stronger, something I've been working on and improving with. 


I except this review and I only move on from here. Not everyone will like the way I write or the stories told. That's the reality, that's life. As humans we can't dwell on the negative but use it as fuel to climb higher up the mountains we dare venture up. 


Has anyone else experienced any form of failure, ridicule, or negative judgment with what they do? Please share. 




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